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Sensa: Innovative Miracle or Scam?

What is Sensa?
Sensa is a weight loss system that is based around a food sprinkling called tastents, which give a feeling of fullness and satisfaction from the food you have eaten. The theory is, if you’re satisfied sooner, you’ll consume fewer calories and we all know fewer calories equals a higher weight loss. The Sensa weight loss system claims to be based on 25 years of research and has been tested in a six month study. The findings suggested that Sensa was ‘successful in promoting weight loss’.

How Does Sensa Work?

The Sensa weight loss system revolves around the idea of sprinkling tastents onto your food before you eat. The power of the product comes from these tastents, which are available in a range of flavours and scents and are supposed to trigger a feeling of being full.

Drawbacks and Side Effects

Sensa, compared with some other weight loss plans, has relatively few side effects however; these vary from upset stomachs, hives and diarrhoea which can be extremely unpleasant.
The main problems with Sensa, stem from two aspects of the product: Lack of results and Customer Service.
Many customers have commented on the lack of significant results when using Sensa as a tool for weight loss. Some experience minor weight loss in the first week of use and then no weight loss in subsequent weeks. Other users experience no weight loss at all and claim Sensa is a Scam that offers very little value for money.
In addition, Sensa’s customer service’s practices have also come under criticism. Many customers report of being conned by Sensa’s ‘free trial’ which in actual fact includes an extra product which customers are then billed for in addition to shipping costs. Problems with delivery of Sensa have been an issue, with customers complaining of unreasonable delays, despite being charged for fast shipping. This late delivery also affects the ‘free trial’ as the trial begins on the day you order, not on the day you receive your product. In some cases no product has been delivered at all.
Customers are also finding it difficult to end their subscriptions to Sensa, meaning that thousands of users are charged monthly for a product they do not want and cannot be refunded for.
Sensa is extremely different from other weight loss aids on the market and probably would have proved to be extremely successful... if it actually worked. Unfortunately the general consensus seems to be that Sensa is a waste of money and that results are almost non-existent. Team the lack of results with the abysmal reputation of their customer service team and you are left with a product which has very few good points. A big thumbs down for Sensa!

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