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Kava Herbal Review

What is Kava Herbal?

Kava Herbal is a brand of fat burner, based on the South Pacific herb, Kava. This herb has been used in herbal tea bags and drinks and is considered to be a ‘natural, herbal weight loss remedy’ in pill form. This pill claims to suppress the appetite and increase the metabolism help users to eat less and burn an increased amount of calories.

Kava is also considered to be good for relieving stress and anxiety, encouraging sleep and relieving pain, due to its relaxant and narcotic properties.
Everyone likes the idea of using herbal solutions instead of taking chemicals, but just because Kava is a herb, it does not necessarily make a product safe. This is a real problem. Consumers may believe that not only are herbal products safer, but also that they are beneficial to health. Most users will not consider researching side effects and dangers if they believe the product to be a natural remedy. This could be a huge mistake. Side Effects of Kava Herbal definitely need to be considered:

Side Effects

• Risk of liver damage which has resulted in the need for liver transplants in some users.
• Reduced protein levels
• Muscle weakness
• Respiratory problems
• Dizziness
• Damage to eyesight
• Dry skin
• Dilated pupils
• Dry mouth
• Headaches
• Stomach upset


Clearly the name ‘herbal’ on packaging does not always mean risk free. Like many other natural plants and herbs, there are risks to health associated with Kava.
Some of the side effects have been so worrying that Canada and the UK banned the sale of Kava in 2002 and 2003. This was because investigations failed to predict which groups of people are most at risk from Kava reactions and so it was not believed that label warnings would be of any use. The FDA has also published several warnings. The main concern seems to be with the unpredictable potential for liver damage following Kava use. Some cases have resulted in the need for liver transplants and even more worryingly, there have been reports of deaths.

This all seems a little high risk when compared with the potential results. Losing weight just isn’t worth seriously damaging your health for, especially since there are other options available which eliminate, or at the very least, lessen the chances of side effects.

Potential users are not advised to use Kava Herbal as a weight loss product because of these serious risks to health. Instead, users should opt for other methods which include a healthy diet and regular exercise regimes as these have been proven to be the most effective and beneficial to dieters.