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Disappointed in Lack of Weight Loss with Acai? Phen375 Users Report Substantial Results!

It was on Oprah, so it should be excellent, correct? Not necessarily. This little berry in the Amazon River basin in Brazil has been within the news a lot lately for its reputed effects as being a fat reduction aid. According to devoted customers, Acai berries cause decreased appetite, increased fat burning potential, and higher energy levels. The truth about Acai is that it really is a fruit, not a drug. It's fairly high in antioxidents and is an over-all nutricious addition to diets in tablet, capsule and other popular forms like fruit smoothies. Nonetheless, as being a fat reduction aid the research on Acai indicates that it produces a limited result, if any. Acai items are most frequently used along with a colon-cleansing merchandise; this may perhaps account for any fat reduction by customers rather than the berry itself.
Just since some celebrities are making use of it and thousands of companies are marketing it doesn't mean that an Acai-based fat reduction programs truly works. Because there's no argument that the Acai berry can be a healthful food, the issue stems through the ways it is sold. Because Acai is so common these days, some manufacturers peddle a diluted product that doesn't measure up to purity standards. Some of these items include far more than 50% filler substances that take up size and weight, but include none of the beneficial qualities of pure Acai.

Beware "free trial" Acai scams! If an advertisement tells you that a merchandise isn't sold in stores, there's a very excellent reason: phony cost-free trials charge an exorbitant amount for shipping, and disappear from the Internet after a profit is made - the merchandise is never delivered. Another scam prevalent among Acai customers is that the merchandise isn't USDA certified. Not just are customers buying an inferior merchandise, but it may include toxins and pesticides. Legitimate Acai companies aren't only USDA Certified Organic, but are Kosher too. Companies like these are Very difficult to find amid the scams!

Because buying real Acai fruit is so difficult and its claims as being a fat reduction aid are largely unsubstantiated, Phen375 offers a fat reduction solution which is totally legal and unlike any other. This revolutionary new supplement and diet program contains no Acai, phenedrine, ephedra or caffeine. It supercharges your body's metabolism to decrease fat absorbtion, enhance fat and calorie burning, enhance your energy level and safely suppress your appetite. Because storming the market in 2009, Phen375 has helped a multitude of customers drop additional pounds and feel great about their bodies in summer swim wear. Now you can know what they know: Phen375 works legally, safely and effectively!

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