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How Can Water Help With Weight Loss?

We have all heard and accept that water is good for you and many of us strive to reach ‘eight glasses a day’, which is the recommended amount of water for the average person. We are told that it’s good for our complexion, we understand that hydration is essential for good health and we believe the news articles that say; you will perform better, run faster and live longer if we just keep on drinking water but the bucket load.

That’s all fine, but how many of us have considered that water may actually even help us lose weight? Yes, that’s right, fill up on H20 and stick with a healthy diet and exercise regime and watch those stubborn few pounds melt away.
Here’s how and why:

• We often confuse thirst with hunger which means when we think our body is craving extra food; it could actually only want rehydration. Before reaching for the snacks, try drinking a glass of water and then decide if you are actually hungry, or just thirsty.
• Water is a natural appetite suppressant and when you drink water with a meal, it often makes you feel fuller far more quickly.
• Surprisingly, the best cure for water retention is to drink more water. This is because water retention is caused by the body thinking it is in danger of dehydrating, causing it to store water, which can cause swollen legs, ankles and hands. Once your body is properly hydrated, retained water will be alleviated and you will experience weight loss, as water retention adds weight.
• Water will help boost your metabolism which means that you will be able to burn calories more efficiently which of course, results in weight loss.
• Drinking a glass of water before meals will not only help to prepare your digestive system, but will also make you feel fuller quickly which will result in eating and being satisfied with smaller portions. Smaller portions equal fewer calories which is great news for those who are trying to shed a few pounds.
• Water is calorie free which means that by simply choosing water to drink rather than calorific beverages, you’ll be cutting down on your daily calorie intake.
Important points to consider so that you really benefit from drinking water for weight loss are:
• When exercising, your body will need even more water than the recommended daily allowance. This is because, when you exercise, your body will start to sweat to moderate your body temperature. The water lost in sweat form needs to be replaced to keep your body sufficiently hydrated.
• The recommended water intake for the average person is 6-8 glasses of water a day.

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